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Goldenboy, Ken Boutwell, 1980 my first pro fight.  I went a total of 28 rounds in my first 3 professional fights.


ken & lester groves

My last fight was in early 1986, in Dallas, Texas.

boxingboxing 2

581593_187109904743889_1192270071_nBrian Baldinger, Dallas Cowboys offense #62. I worked with him in Dallas to improve his game on the field, around 1985.

I worked with Earnie Shavers, heavy-weight contender, dubbed the “hardest heavy-weight that ever lived” by Muhammad Ali.  We did some promotional events together and I was privileged to do some sparring with him.

ken & ernie

ken & earnie (2)384647_103242526463961_529990244_n

In 2010, I had an article about my music, in the Nashville Music Guide, which had Blake Shelton featured on the cover.decjancover

In the 70s, I wanted to be a part of a local biker gang in Florida.  When I came into their shop with a fist full of money to buy my first bike, they said I was just a baby and the gang called me KenBaby from that moment on.  We still get together and ride as often as possible.  Some of our stories are unbelievable…but they are all true.


Ken Baby 11/07

In 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer.  One of my biker buddies, Lucky Kelson, helped me get some of the songs I wrote during my chemo treatments recorded for demos.




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