Outlaws Need Love Too


Outlaws Need Love Too

He was an outlaw passin’ through
That’s what outlaws do
They’re never in one place very long

What you see is what they own
But they’d rather be alone
Even when they’re with the one they love

But the highway takes a toll
On the body and the soul
Sometimes you’ll second guess your way of life

But outlaws need love too
And they’ll come home to you
On a cold, cold, lonely night

You better love ‘em while they’re here
And always live in fear
Tomorrow they may ride away

But just smile and wave goodbye
Don’t let ‘em see ya cry
Maybe next time he’ll stay

Repeat Chorus

It was the 22nd day
On the calendar’s last page
And out the window you see a lone headlight

He told you the truth
That he’d come back to you
On a cold, cold, lonely night

The highway took its toll
Now he’s tired and he’s old
And a place to lay his head is just in sight

He’s come home for good
Just like he said he would
On a cold, cold, lonely night

Cold, cold, lonely night

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