The Boxing Years


From 1971 – 1985, I boxed amateur and professional.  With only 12 amateur fights and 10 professional fights, I was ranked #10 middleweight in Texas before leaving the sport.  Four of my sparing partners went on to be world champions.  I sparred with heavy weight, Earnie Shavers (famous for fighting Muhammad Ali) and promoted his last pro fight.

I lost my last fight by decision, in Memphis, TN, to Walter Ivory, formerly ranked #1.  I took a tremendous beating and realized I enjoyed it, so I decided I should quit.

The beatings took a toll.  I fought 10 rounds with a broke thumb, have permanent scaring in my left eye with 85% vision loss add with that some memory loss and a tendency to jump at bells.  Amazing the lengths a man will go to to impress chicks.  Pretty cool!

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